The IRF recognizes that this endorsement allows us to expand their visibility worldwide.

Because they believe that they have an opportunity to offer the best virtual racquet sport game in the world to the entire range of racquet sports players and fans, in a time when virtual reality is finally going mainstream, primarily because of the Oculus Quest.

After all, there are more total racquet sports players in the world than there are soccer players, and Racket: Next appeals to them all.

And the Oculus Quest – on which Racket: Next is consistently highly rated – is taking the world of consumer VR by storm, and this is in addition to all the other platforms which support Racket: Next.

So we see an opportunity to bring this amazing VR Sport to the world at just the right time, especially given the International Olympic Committee’s support of virtual sport.

By doing so, we also hope to create more interest in racquetball, which is another amazing racquet sport.

We will recognize racquetball’s version of Racket:Next as Racquetball:Next.