No, it will not be “Virtual Racquetball.” Our goal is to develop a virtual sport that can be played in a normal home, in the living room or similar room.

This is to encourage wide adoption of the sport, in line with the International Olympic Committee’s interest in expanding participation in healthy electronic sport.

Though Racket:Next allows and rewards most of the strokes of racquetball and all other racquet sports, it cannot allow players to run from side to side or front to back in a full racquetball or other racquet sport court space.

And simulated VR movement in this kind of space induces motion discomfort in too many people to be acceptable to us.

Racket:Next is its own unique take on a Universal Virtual Racquet Sport, and the International Racquetball Federation is endorsing it as such.

Further, the racquetball influenced version of Racket:Next is known as Racquetball:Next.