It is too early to say that.

However, with enough players in enough places, Racket:Next would completely meet the requirements described in detail by IOC President Thomas Bach two years ago: that it be fully athletic, not only at the highest levels of competition, but throughout… that it be consistent with Olympic Values, with no violence or discrimination [by the way, it is completely Gender Neutral]… that it be offered by a fully accredited IOC-recognized sports federation like the IRF, and that it contribute meaningfully to the appreciation and broad acceptance of the Olympic Games and the Olympic Movement.

It is also highly televisable and streamable: the ball is impossible for spectators to miss, and the sights and sounds of the game are glorious.

Finally, the venue, judging, referee, and other operational requirements of Racket:Next will be dramatically less than for conventional sports.

So, Racket:Next will be an outstanding candidate for the Olympic Program.