It simply means being the biggest, most played. and most viewed sport in the Metaverse, just as is Soccer [football] in the conventional world.

It will be that because:

1. There are millions more racquet sports players in the world today than there are soccer players, and they will want to play in the Metaverse.

2. Soccer will never be either played at all or played by masses of people in the Metaverse. The technical problems are too great and even if they can be overcome, years from now, the costs of providing ANY athletic [not simulated] soccer VR game will place it out of reach of all but a very few people.

3. No other VR racquet sports simulations are viable because their play space is much larger than the space that most have available in their homes. This means that play motion must be simulated, which distorts play and, for many people, induces nausea.

4. Racket:Next is the Secretariat of the VR racquet sport horse race… the best by far… and getting better all the time.