The World Virtual Games will highlight the best of Metaverse Sport.

And for a while yet, that best will be Racket:Next.

There will be four types of Racket:Next tournaments:

1. SOLO, which posts scores/times to a Leaderboard, by which winners are determined.

2. MULTI-SIDE 1v1, which pits two players against each other.

3. HYBRID, which has a SOLO preliminary phase and a 1v1 Finals Round.

4. CO-OP, which pits two players ON THE SAME SIDE against other “doubles” teams against the Leaderboard.

The World Virtual Games Series is a HYBRID tournament, with two phases [see image below].

The Solo Preliminary Phase will be the June Monthly Challenge. The Top 16 players from this round will be the “Round of 16” 1v1 Finals Round.

See also below for a brief Rules Summary. Please note that competition requires the use of the Quest Stationary Guardian Zone or equivalent [a two meter circle]. This is to establish a “level playing field” for everyone. This rule will originally be on the Honor System and will eventually be monitored by phone video.

Also note that network anomalies that produce lag or other interference are to be considered the equivalent of “weather” in a conventional outdoor sport. The question of play suspension is in the hands of the Tournament Judge.

We encourage the recording and streaming of your competition.

We also urge you to play hard and follow-through on every point. This will be natural for those of you who are already racquet sports players. Also, it’s great for your fitness. Finally… we have a chance to build a fan base, and to do so play must LOOK exciting.

EVERYONE who registers as a Sanctioned Player, with a SEASON PASS subscription [US$10], IN THE FIRST YEAR [before May 15, 2023], will earn a place in our Founder’s Hall. And superior performers will earn a spot in our Hall of Fame.

Because this whole effort is about performance and PARTICIPATION.

We already ARE the biggest sport in the Metaverse, because we are the ONLY REAL VR SPORT in the Metaverse.

But we want to be and stay for the Metaverse what world football [soccer] is for conventional sport.

We are honored to be involved with THE three seminal events of the coming Virtual Sports Era: The World Games, the Olympic Virtual Series, and our own World Virtual Games.

The World Games are important because they are the first global sports event to embrace the first virtual reality, sanctioned, official sport: Racket:Next.

Our World Virtual Games will coordinate and be co-promoted with The World Games. The World Virtual Games will end just as The World Games begin, in Birmingham, Alabama, USA, in early July 2022.

We have been invited to apply for inclusion in the Olympic Virtual Series, which will also be branded “The Virtual Olympic Games.”

It doesn’t get better than this… until the next year.


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