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The Future of Sports Venues

What Does the Future Hold for Sports Venues? What if, on the eve of the rise of automobiles, the horse carriage makers had to think about their future? What might they have foreseen, knowing that something like this had recently driven onto the transportation scene? If they had thought as conventional proprietors of substantial assets

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Racket: NX Developers Want It To Be An Olympic Sport – UPLOAD

One Hamsa, developers of Racket: Nx, teamed up with the International Racquetball Association to push for the game to become the first VR-based Olympic sport. Earlier this year, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced the Olympic Virtual Series — a “Olympic-licensed event for physical and non-physical virtual sports.” Now, the developers of Racket: Nx are

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Racket: Nx Takes First Step Towards Olympic Glory With Official IRF Endorsement – VR Focus

The pinnacle of sporting achievement for most athletes is winning a medal at the Olympic Games. It’s also a badge of honour if a new sport is recognised and accepted into the Olympic Program. Whilst there’s still a way to go until that happens, One Hamsa’s Racket: Nx has taken an important step towards that

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‘Racket: Nx’ Wants to Become an Olympic Sport and It Just Took an Important Step Closer – Road to VR

Racket: Nx (2018), the VR racket sport game from One Hamsa, took a big step towards becoming a potential Olympic sport recently. The team revealed it’s been endorsed by the International Racquetball Federation (IRF)—an important step on its way to becoming a candidate for the Olympic Games. Based in Colorado Springs, Colorado and recognized by the International

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