This Demo Board is designed to illustrate some of the key functions of the Sport:Next System and Democratic Sport.

Of course, any complete demonstration of Democratic Sport would require actually playing Racket:Next inside VR.

But we can show you here a part of how we’re preparing to support and encourage that play. You can start with this 3 minute introduction video.

Though elements of this section are live on our websites, they are not fully live operationally, as that requires connection to the Racket:Next APIs which we will only implement when we are funded. Racket:Next, which is included here, is fully live and well, and we do not intend to fiddle with that system until as late as possible, given the speed with which AI implementation is progressing.

These illustrations, including the live ones, will give you a feeling of how our System will work.

Racket:Next [aka Racket: Nx] is the premier VR sport game in the world.

Its combination of a stunning visual and sound environment, clear but progressively challenging gameplay, and unbelievable and deeply immersive physics and game mechanics and variety has no peer.

This 3 minute demo video features an athlete at The World Games in 2022. She is a volleyball player who had never played tennis or any other racquet sport before this video session.

Just watch, listen, and learn the future of sport.

The Control Panel and the Player Site are the primary modes of contact with Democratic Sport.

There are buttons there to control a number of functions, which will be obvious to you.

For the purposes of this demo, we encourage you to click the two GREEN buttons: “CHECK YOUR SCORE” and “INITIATE/CHECK/JOIN A TOURNAMENT.”

Click the image above to access the Panel.

This website will be available to all players as a feature of their Season Pass.
We will also offer Premium websites with additional features and specialized sites for team leadership.

Click the image above to see an example of this site and links to selected site features.

Democratic Sport is a fundamental departure from conventional sport, in almost every way but the intensity of its athleticism.

One of those differences is the opportunity to generate income by playing hard and often.

Click the image above to see an illustration of Giving:Next, the sponsor-funded system that makes this possible.

This is the Golden Key to the Democratic Sport Universe: the Sport:Next 365 Season Pass.

It is LIVE and ready to purchase on-line, and we have password protected it to avoid accidental transactions.

The password is “YC”